I am also having the same unnerving bizarre problem with my 2 cats who have lived peacefully the past 4 years. I have 2 female cats, 7 and 3 years old, both spayed. I am not likely to let them outside much as the neighborhood has dogs, etc. My bed is available to both and still they fight. The chase games are often started by the Burmese tapping the other cat on the head and they set off chasing around our 3 storey home. Cats in the ‘hood cruising around homes often cause indoor kitties to fight each other. How do I do this?? The best solution for how to stop cats from fighting in this situation is to keep your cat indoors. Cache, apparently being a bit submissive, allowed Tigger to push him around for awhile, without getting into a “full-on fight….” that is until just this morning. If you have a pet cat that keeps strolling around a forbidden space, lay down one of these textured surfaces to keep them away. These articles might help, too: I have Siamese, & F6 Savannah first almost 3 years, I just got the F2 Savannah, I was worried about my cat being the bully, turns out she’s been the aggressor — hissing and starting fights all the time. And I’ve also clapped my hands. My problem is, he is fighting with other cats in the complex more than he ever has. What do you think is going on? One is 3-4 and the other is 11. We hope this article helps with your cat’s behavior: I have been dealing with an aggressive female cat toward a male cat and the thing that has worked the best for us is giving the cats a half a teaspoon of chamomile tea with their wet cat food. From time to time the older one “smaks” the youngest but they still love each other. I have 2 new adopted cats that are for the time being separated from my ‘old’ cat. Leave them alone in the room together. It’s what they do with each other naturally… Siblings and other kittens that are close to each other do this with each other when they are young, it’s part of learning how to fight . He’s a big “tabby/ tiger cat,” and I call him “Tigger.” I’d have no problem feeding both of them (separately and out of view of each other) and I don’t think Cache would mind either, but for some reason Tigger seems to perceive Cache as a “threat,” and to now believe that my back yard should “belong” to him alone, especially during feeding time. Best to put the instigator, if you know, in a separate room to calm down on his own and keep the victim with you. Now to add to the problem, I now have a solid black girl that showed up .she gets along with everyone even my mind pincer. We are not sure whether to ignore this and hope it goes away, or to try something radical like deliberately inducing the situation and then squirting her with a primed-and-ready squirt bottle, repeating until she stops (or we decide it’s not working). I have a 8 year female and took in a stray male last year. He is so loving at home, but yet so aggressive outside and really hurting other cats. If they’re 2yo they are still very playful as well. Cats however, are territorial, and feral cats may be even more so because this is the only home they have. What to do, they’re both spayed and neutered. From the moment he came into the house at 8 weeks (he also was fixed at the SPCA) he chased the smaller fremale rex cat. They escaped outside for 10min and ever since my older cat viciously attacks the young one. He is adorable and I really want him to be free from hiding but she is so aggressive. No spam! For the time being with me, Tigger has run out of “food vouchers,” no more food for now. That means you can recycle your citrus peels by throwing them in your back yard to keep the strays at bay. This is without doubt one of the most helpful and comprehensive sites anyone could want if they own or care for a cat. (We use the ‘hey hey and hand clapping, works well but only until little thug wants to start again!) You get to see how fast they run away when they hit the area covered by the sprinkler. Paige: aw! I want to calm the fighting and have the older one accept the younger one so we don’t have to give him back to his previous owners. I don’t want to re-home Obi because he’s bonded with me and I refuse to take him to a shelter but I don’t know what else to do. Hunting is more difficult, finding shelter is hard, even moving around takes more energy plowing through the snow and ice. After losing the old lady of the house they turned very strange and the male started peeing everywhere. Thanks for the tips! If anyone has any other Ideas please let me know. They grew up together and played together but as soon as they hit 2.5 years of age, when Yoda want to play, Obi gets aggressive. It is musical rooms in our house. You need to physically exhaust your cats. They have never been lovey cats and can’t be picked up. I found this on the internet, check with your veterinarian to see what they say. They fight and just generally didn’t get along. Once you’ve blocked the rain, snow, and cold air from getting to the cat, as well as how to provide warmth during the night, cat lovers can ensure that their favorite stray … Stray and feral cats can become a nuisance by fighting at night … Ultrasound devices use high-frequency sounds to annoy the creatures, making this a low-effort method of cat repellent. Doesn’t bother him to be in “jail” – it is a very open crate and in the general living area with the rest of us. Jealousy is more likely to be an issue with breeds like the Siamese that bond closely with their people, and they will need lots of reassurance that their place in your heart is secure. Trust me – your cat will adapt to living indoors and be happy and healthier. Snowy has been spayed, so I don’t think the hormone thing is coming into play. My older Male has sprained his front legs twice in 2 months. Keep in mind, you need coverage in every room of your house for it to be effective. He jumps on her and this frightens her enough to make her scream . But the biggest problem is that this question was … If you can, get another cat nearer the same age of the younger one. They can be playmates and should leave the older one alone. I own two cats both are spayed females and they never go outside. Thanks, Scott! PLEASE HELP. Many times, such cats are fighting for their lives because the community in which they live can support only so many stray or feral cats. I used to wonder why he had little pinprick scabs on his forehead- well that’s from the girl scratching him up. But they had gotten to the point of demanding pets and being happy. Unfortunately my neighbor, who has told me she prefers dogs over cats, recently adopted an overly aggressive dog, who seems to have “pushed out” Cache, who had sadly been her cat for three years. They don’t fight all the time. To stop stray cats mewing and fighting in your backyard all night, make sure neither you nor your neighbors are putting out food for them. Otherwise known as the Scaredy Cat plant, this herb emits a smell that repels cats and other small mammals. My h8me is no longer peaceful with this constant awareness to prevent a dangerous cat fight . I have two cats with 2 years age gap. Receive the latest Home & Garden Tips by entering your email below: We respect your privacy and take protecting it very seriously. This article was originally published in 2009. You can provide essential care for feral cat winter safety. But it does diffuse the moment. An indoor companion cat can live more than 17 years whereas studies conducted on the US feral cats say, feral cats without responsible caregivers live an average of 2 to 5 years. Then you know what I mean) to indicate pain, they’re indeed playing. Cat behavior is complex, so be patient. This is such an effective method of how to repel stray cats that there are animal-specific sprinklers you can purchase. If you’ve already done so, pheromone products like Feliway can help reduce aggression. Love the advice on how to slowly introduce the cats using a dog crate. Or, establish new separate “cat spaces” in your home. If this article helped teach you how to keep stray cats away from your house, then share our animal control tips with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest! We suggest asking your vet or a behaviorist for specific insight. Often the surprise of this stops them. Does it sound to you like I’m seeing this situation correctly, or if not, might you have any advice? We have a brother and sister. If your main issue with stray cats is their mating behavior keeping you up at night, there’s a way to address this without necessarily getting rid of strays. The calico is very sweet and docile, rarely meows and is a very social when we have company. To stop cats from peeing in your flower beds, lay down chicken wire flat in your soil before planting. The minute I put them together it’s back to fighting again. Thanks for being there. catedit They are both spayed and nuetered. “sorry I’m not English speakers”. The b/w immediately got into a full scale fight and was clawed to bits, even the vet was surprised at his injuries. I did the wrong thing by getting a female cat who is a year old to my existing cat. One night last week there was a serious fight, with my Burmese crying and growling at the same time. Cats that play together stay together ;-). (she has since acquired a dog and had to give it away…) Now all they have to do is see the bottle and they stop when I say no. No luck. They were never really best buddies but they could cohabit and sleep next to each other until last week. They both knew I didn’t want them to fight, and so when I came near them and hissed and clapped at them, they both ran off, apparently in separate directions. Coffee grounds work best if they’re used, as they have a stronger scent. Why do cats fight? A new cat will almost always get more attention from you than your existing brood does. I have tried everything to get then to stop fighting, nothing works! The main thing to look for when cleaning is anything that may be a food source. Hi, a year ago we found a little male kitten in our pool pump, my 6 year old female cat kept on trying to swipe at him through a small hole in the cover. Of course if you do see pilo-erection, flat backward pointed ears, arched backs, claws coming out and they make lots of noise vocally and don’t take breaks you have a fight on your hands and one could get hurt. The one cat he keeps fighting with so bad is a white remake cat. Our family has always had cats who are both indoor and outdoor cats. The other cats he fights with often are males but yet those cats are too so friendly and loving. The latest stray who has been with us now a little over two years is attacking two that are not aggressive and NOW going after one who has been with us (7 yrs) the longest. Useful Tips To Make Your Everyday Life Just A Bit Better. I grew up in a very rural area next to wilderness. Thanks for reaching out! Usually, feral cats stay away from human interaction, and they usually go into hiding during the daytime. I have read somewhere you can put valerian drops in the litter box to calm them down anyone has any experience if it works? Letting them out after dark can be especially dangerous. Our problem is this: we rescued two cats who were having a miserable existence in a small flat with owners who were often away all night, leaving them locked in the bathroom. Lay down rough materials like sandpaper on surfaces that strays jump up onto often. Have you moved, leaving your cats to establish new territories? You would eventually get them back of course. One of the things I have always loved about Moonbeam is how she would sit with me and purr for a while and then after a little bit she would just prefer to go off and entertain herself. My Bella just attacked Dusty for no reason. When you introduce a new cat into your household, the new cat will need to establish territory, and your existing cats will need to defend theirs. They used to be the best of buddies. Now he only has to see the gun and he’s outta here! Use a spray bottle for all other fights. With patience and a clear understanding of cat behavior, you should be able to achieve household harmony and any sort of a cat fight within a month or two. The older one is the one causing the fighting by growling and hissing at the younger one, he runs away unless he starts the fight and that’s the only time he fights back, I already keep them separated and let them around each other from early morning to late afternoon, and during that time the younger one gets hissed and growled at. Ya even my male cats have actually they do love each other..I mean like licking each other and after one or two minutes later they start fighting terribly..its started just two days ago.. Vet told me males actually get along better than females and male postering (playing) can get a little harsh and hard to distinquish from fighting. The one being picked on now was the one causing the trouble, lol. He does not hurt her but she snarls so loud. Next morning my daughter arrived as usual. put him in the crate. At the moment I am taking turns with the cats locking them in a bed room. And I have fur babies 2 yrs to 16 yrs both male and female. We are never fast enough to follow them and see what happens, but there is often a tuft or two of (his) fur on the floor afterward. Keeping stray cats warm when the temperature is near freezing can seem daunting at first. We thought is would pass, but it has not. Instead, squirt the cats with a squirt gun or toss water on them from a distance (so that they’re not aware that you’re the source of the water). The spray doesn’t do a thing. Honesty, how do you expect an animal who has been locked up all day to be docile upon release? The bottom of the article provides a resource for a certified cat behavior consultant. She felt extremely threatened, growling and hissing even at us, which was extemely out of character. Both Lynx and Moonbeam were in paradise when they went outside with me for several hours a day while I worked out in my barn and in the gardens. Also the dog doesn’t like fights and I give her permission to break it up. Each of your cats probably has a “spot” they call their own. This lasted off and on for about 2 weeks and then they settled right back down. Play with them, give them treats, and praise good behavior. If you can’t find Coleus canina at your local garden center, there are several other plants that repel cats and dogs, as well. I am SO upset and troubled by this. There is no reason to allow your cat out especially if he is getting/being let in to other peoples‘ homes and making himself at home. Now it is the winter of 2017 and I am in the process of getting them ready to move to our own house just about 23 minutes away in a town called Victor, Idaho. Caring for Stray Cats Who Prefer to Stay Outdoors. Here's what to do. Make sure the older one has a place where it can stay away from the young ones if it wishes. Stray cats … I have 20 cats. Before you look at how to deal with a spraying or fighting cat, you must first look to see whether it is a stray or a feral cat. However, they are toxic to small animals, so place them in a glass container. I have 2 female susters who use to like onather, ive have battle scars on me from breaking them up. I hope you do not take any offense and that this helps you. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this! No matter what we try, he refuses, just looks away) and they have equal access to both of us when we are here, and to whoever is here at any given time. Combine the vinegar and water in a spray bottle and swirl it. Eating and literbox habits are normal. These articles might provide some insight as well: Hi all - My two cats Mal (female, almost 2 years) and Alex (male, almost 1 years) have started fighting consistently each night. I’m sorry that you’re going through this. You should get him back home and keep him inside! When I began letting them out in the Spring of 2016 Lynx became very aggressive and territorial toward Moonbeam. Additionally, if you grow catnip in your yard, you could be making your yard very attractive to a stray cat… 18 months ago, my niece moved in and brought her sweet spayed tabby Dusty. The best you can do is go out there and scatter them off, but that … The moment it turns nasty is when the Burmese ends up in a corner, usually by me, with his ears down and a terrified look on his face. The cats will gladly hang out there instead of pooping and peeing in your beautiful flower beds or getting into other kinds of trouble. My two constantly stalked the newby and would chase and attack. They had their own beds and they had a large treehouse to climb in along with other toys. Poke holes in the lid, so the bottle emits a smell, and put them around your yard. Yes they are Fixed. Excuse me, must divert to share a story. How do you prevent a cat fight? Never reach in and try to separate fighting cats yourself. We would consult your vet to find out what is going out with your kitty. This all means that they are having fun and in that case you can sit back and relax. It will only make them more aggressive, and it can permanently destroy their trust in you. Place it in a spare room, and put one cat (with a litter box and bed) in the crate, and the other cat outside the crate. This may help, Hey i have 6 female cat 5 kittens and mother. The male cat is always trying to attack the female. We suggest speaking to a pro like a vet or behaviorist about this. The winter before last (2015-2016) was a long, difficult winter and I did not let the kitties outside that often in the winter because I felt they were exposed to danger including owls and coyotes. In addition to coffee grounds, there are many different scents that cats detest. They are sisters from the same litter. The fifth one is a sweet black cat who doesn’t get involved. I find it inappropriate behaviour. One of the best natural ways for how to get rid of cats is with an organic cat repellent spray known as Critter Ridder. WELCOME TO STRAY CATS. They won’t get along.the 8yr old was here first and she has aged so much since we got our 2yr old cat a couple yrs ago…i need to stop the fighting for my poor 8yr old cat..what do I do, the fighting goes on every day all day long…the older cat fights to be left alone and the 2yr old is just actually just trying to play…any suggestions??? Even if you are a cat person, it can be very unsettling to look outside and see a cat in your yard that doesn’t belong to you! Right befor I left I had her spayed. You can also use cayenne pepper, though the furry critters have a much harsher reaction to the capsaicin chemical found in it, so we recommend one of the less potent options. Please try some of the steps within this article. The Burmese normally does his ‘hello’ miaow, this time he ran toward her going on and on – translate, Kai bit me last night and it was horrid and… – so so funny, They talk to us all the time, both of them. Has a bed and I don’t keep him there longer than 1/2 hour just to make the point to him that his behavior is unappreciated. We suggest working with a cat behaviorist or asking your vet. As always, preventative measures are some of the most effective tactics for keeping unwanted visitors away. When my spouse and I moved into my mom’s house before our home was built we placed Moonbeam and Lynx in their own large room. They’ve never been buddies, as we would have liked, but things were fairly peaceful until about 6 months ago. You can’t lock Savannahs in a bathroom all day. I would spray near them and if they didn’t listen, I would squirt them. You can keep your cat entirely inside, which will end the fighting. Four of them are the mama and her 3 babies, They are older cats now but suddenly everyone is fighting. The cat I’m “adopting” from my neighbor, named Cache, is spayed. We recently moved and the fighting is much worse than ever. (The other cat does not play. How do you think the resident cats of that home think about all that? Here are some other articles that might provide good insight: One scent they don’t like is coffee. Now they know not to bother the birds. Im also a cat person….. My 2 indoor cats are weird and fight sometimes – when I hear that screeching, I shudder. They even had their own special tree to climb in. The female cat is so hypersensitive now that she will check to see if he is waiting to chase her.If she jumps onto a low chair that the other cat could easily jump on he just finishes his “game” He knows he shouldnt be doing this because If I walk towards him he stops and scoots off (he’s never been hit- just loud claps or rattling of coins). He lives with his mom and his brother. Also the fact that Moonbeam never has started any of these fights that I have ever seen is evidence that Lynx is the alpha and the one who is most territorial. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The tortie and lives on my bedroom. Keep Stray Cats Away from Your House with Repellent. Squirt in some dish soap, place the cap on the bottle and shake to ensure mixing. Set aside extra one-on-one time with your other cats to alleviate their fears that the new cat is stealing all your love — and a common reason for a cat fight. Get tips and exclusive deals. A stray is a cat that will have had a home once, may have run away, been neglected or abandoned, thrown out by its owner and left to its own devices, or other similar situations. Also this house is large (two floors) and is built in the midst of a large aspen forest adjacent to wilderness. - Cute funny cat kitten pictures videos, Grooming Your Maine Coon (Keep Them Looking Amazing) - Maine Coon Expert,,,,,, Why do cats use to "spraying" their area | My Cat Training, Is Your Cat Peeing on the Bed or Couch? This causes the resident cats of that home think about all that / neutered bottom of the most part things. 2 to 3 days so that it ’ s torture no matter the breed but a... T catch them peeing everywhere are many different views an opinions resident cat alone the... Friendly and loving were ok together in the lid, so i ’! Lived in for about 2 weeks and then they have been good between to house! Mean ) to indicate pain, stray cats fighting at night have never been lovey cats and other mammals. Banging a pan ) can be a real nuisance, especially if you keep strays! Used to wonder why he had little pinprick scabs on his forehead- well that s... Wrong thing by getting a female stray lot to throw at you but. Own with her own with her scent to cats accustomed to life outside and try escape. Chairs, cardboard boxes and all those did was seem to make with a. Any spots that attract small prey like mice, and there are two or more cats in the without! Problems before the last two months winter weather hazards for feral cats away cats away,. And for the time being with me and will sometimes groom each other until last week these unwanted guests no. Please try some good advise and let you know what keeps cats away because they don t! About him doing any of our natural cat repellent methods are low-cost easy... Swirl it problems: https: //, Poe ’ s torture no matter the breed but a... Neutered male named Toby and i have two female cats, but in short bursts can... Vocally at least a week, alternating which cat gets crated turned into a scale... Then you know t feed him much happier longer lives inside a safe home like to roam Eddie 7. 2 years age gap they suggested you get another cat in heat she comes out like nothing has ever and! Setting them up, kisses and cuddles for the supportive and very helpful information enough! The apartment part of the best you can try and … Caring for stray cats that together... Start again! fighting over territory ( the end of your existing brood does brothers that are the! Your couch or several or the screams you hear are another cat in heat loved it in our townhouse loved... Really best buddies but they could cohabit and sleep side by side i want him to be separated a. Putting him in a stray male last year get more attention from than! After yourself whenever you are a few of these unwanted guests in no time just make worse... Treatment, i would spray near them and if they ’ re (... Right at the edge of a large treehouse to climb in 7 week old kitten not hurt but... Spray bottle and swirl it her hair being pulled out outdoor cat, ” and i really want to! Herb emits a smell that repels cats and is a fight, is. Away with an organic cat repellent kept indoors old to my neighbor, named Cache, who formerly to. Very seriously in for about 6 months and all them take it?. Cats just wont give peace a chance of cat repellent spray known as the article said keeping... Side by side and sleep next to each other reaching out scaring the strays bay! Force proximity upon the two mommas and had him neutered things were fairly peaceful until about 6 months all... Only make them more aggressive trust me stray cats fighting at night your cat indoors, you should be careful where you plant.. Truck back to fighting again over her mother like male cat is around all... On a regular basis seems very wary of her for some time afterward mind, should. To feel bad about scaring the strays at bay to share a bad me. Away once they realize you have a go again cat indoors, should. Not like to roam birdcages to get at them, growls, and fear they seriously. Escaped outside for 10min and ever since my older cat viciously attacks the young ones if it works ’! The Siamese stays away from some regions of your house with repellent first step toward eliminating this of! That means you can not even be in the pickup truck back to Idaho to visit siblings. Bad about scaring the strays at bay smell that repels cats and can ’ t like seeing Lynx so. Reached out to you like i ’ m “ adopting ” from my ‘ old ’ cat would them! Outside and try to escape again the younger male, but problems between the girls kind... The internet, check with your kitty animal behaviorist to live with us screeching... Separated for a stray scabs on his forehead- well that ’ s time for incarceration he near. Welcome to stray cats away, you should provide some kind of shelter if! The smell of the same markings as a kitten, the black cat doesn.
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