Ecology, Greek environment - 60 hours 20. ¼ðëï ìáò ïé ãíþóåéò ðïõ áðïêôÞóáìå ìå ðïëý êüðï óôéò Ó÷ïëÝò Îåíáãþí. Ancient Greek history - 50 hours Flemish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Start to craft your dream adventure with us. Opening Hours in Greece . REI Co-op’s Experiences team is made up of excellent guides who work hard to make all classes, events, and guided adventure travel tours … 18. World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. “I ended up working as a tour guide and tour manager for seven years with different companies, and privately as well. More Free Greece Travel Guides. Many say Athens is the ugliest side of Greece.With so many dream places to go in the country, I understand where they coming from, it is one of those love-hate travel … Now, there are probably as many people out there who want to become travel writers as there are who want to be travel agents and tour guides, but you do have the BA in English and have … 7. Eat and drink like a local. Advantages of Tour Guide Jobs in Europe. Take a Greece tour with a local guide who can show you the country's most popular sights - and best-kept secrets. Working for a tour guide … History of art - 100 hours Outdoor guides are a singular group of individuals for whom the outdoor lifestyle is quite literally the air they breathe. Archaeological law - 20 hours The destination guide can provide you with a list of valuable resources to help you with this process. 19. Start to craft your dream adventure with us. The cherry on a cake of Athens: the Acropolis. The Androus Foundation, The Cyprus Tourism Organization. Select your country of application below and read carefully the Application Guide; Submit your Application as specified in the Application Guide for your country Pay the Accreditation fee as specified in the 'Application Guide … We would like to help you planning your holiday in Greece, thus you can have the most exiting holiday in your life. Eat and drink like a local. About The World Travel Guide. An important message from the Certified Tourist Guides of Greece. Trained by the state, Greek tour guides complete two and a half years of training, clocking 1090 hours of classroom time and more than 100 field trips to sites throughout the mainland … Outdoor guides are respon… The School of Tourist Guides in Greece is a state school (Ministry of Development) it is compulsory for guides in all museums, sites, … 21. How it works. That’s one of the best things about being a Tour Director—helping the next generation experience these things for the first time.” - Alex, from Paris, France “I think the most interesting thing during the tour is … The candidates must be members of the E.U. Learn more about our private, customizable tours. 8. By law, they have to study 2.5 years in a University-level school to get a license to guide. Particularly famous for its rich history and vast supply of ancient archaeological ruins, travelers also flock to Greece … Tourist guides pocket a significant sum of money in the country. Guideapedia gives more information about each WFTGA Full Member’s association and country including training, qualifications and licensing and how to find a qualified or licensed guide. Licensed tourist guide in Greece. To get started, you will need to know the best tourist destinations, history of the country, and have sound knowledge of the Greek culture. Greece’s economic situation during the global collapse was so dire that at … "My Life in Ruins," starring Nia Vardalos and directed by Donald Petrie, is being released June 5, 2009 by Fox Searchlight.Discovering the script for MY LIFE IN RUINS exploded Donald Petrie's … 2. The lessons of the Schools are compulsory to attend and are: Our members accommodate the needs for Certified Tour Guides & Activities in Greece available in Chinese and English language. Educational Institutions, Travel Agencies, various Organizations 13. 3. F: +30 210 3239200, Copyright 2013 Association of Licensed Tourist Guides, 30ο ΕΤΗΣΙΟ ΕΠΙΜΟΡΦΩΤΙΚΟ ΣΕΜΙΝΑΡΙΟ ΞΕΝΑΓΩΝ. An important message from the Certified Tourist Guides of Greece. Instructors and educators can choose from a variety of active jobs and careers. Greece is a country that has a significant amount of territory, with much of this spread over the hundreds of islands. Eating is invariably a casual affair in Greece. Look out for the restaurants … Welcome to Guide me in Greece tours!
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