Percy dreams about Nico where the latter is trying to summon his mother’s ghost, but his sister's spirit forbids him too. In addition, all the victims of the war would achieve Elysium. Annabeth mentions Luke, and Hermes, angry that she has brought up the subject, accuses her of being unable to prevent Luke from hosting Kronos. The god relays a message from Athena saying that they must defend Manhattan by using Plan 23. Later, the camp’s war council convenes. Series Impression. Reprint cover They look beyond the borders of Manhattan and figure out that Kronos and Hecate must be using their powers to slow down time around the vicinity of Manhattan in such a way that the closer mortals get to the island, the slower time is. Percy tells some Apollo campers to search for him. Percy Jackson and the Olympians. The Last Olympian. Poseidon then informs Percy that he is battling Oceanus. Everyone within the immediate vicinity of the strange man would fall asleep, and when he has passed them, they would awake as if nothing had happened. Numerous Telekhines and Dracaena were killed by Percy prior to the explosion of the Princess Andromeda. The dream changes to a view from the top of the St. Louis Arch. where Kronos in Lukas body are. Hades, in all his anger and sadness, curses the spirit of Oracle, declaring that it will never find another human host until he and his children are welcomed in Olympus. The Last Olympian, the fifth and final book in the Percy Jackson series, was released on May 5, 2009. Holding grudges is dangerous for a child of Hades. The Apollo campers, Annabeth, and Percy manage to drive the enemy back to Brooklyn when they realize that enemy reinforcements, headed by Kronos himself, are on the other side of the bridge. Percy falls unconscious but is rescued by Tyson. Hazel Levesque, who died in the 1940’s, but was brought back from the Underworld by her half-brother Nico di Angelo. She then shows him a vision of the day Luke and Thalia Grace found Annabeth — the same day Luke gave her the knife she still uses — and when Luke meets his dad, Hermes, for the first time. Luckily they are saved by Chiron's cousins, the Party Ponies. The fact that he had hurt Annabeth spurs Luke to regain control of his body. Percy hesitates, but Nico insists very fiercely, which is unlike him. She asks if Percy has decided whether he would go with her and her family for vacation or not. An unnamed Apollo camper - Carried off by a. Up until then, I was having a great afternoon. Luke then stabs himself in his own weak spot. Needing a break, Percy wanders to the training arena to visit Ms. O'Leary, his hellhound. Jason Grace, who was killed by Caligula while buying his friends time to escape. The Attack on Andromeda Percy Jackson drives with Rachel Dare his girlfriend. They proceed to help the Apollo campers on Williamsburg Bridge, the bridge connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn. Percy is visibly shocked and returns to the hotel headquarters. Silena then passes away. In The Last Olympian, the Great Prophecy is revealed: A half blood of the eldest gods, Having the information they came for, they attempt to leave, but Luke’s mother seemingly becomes possessed before returning to normal. Impatient to get to Olympus, Kronos collapses the magical barriers around Manhattan and draws it closer to Olympus. Disturbed, Percy and Nico say goodbye and run from the house to find that Mrs. O'Leary has been approached by the goddess Hestia. Nico explains that his father had promised him information on his past if he turns Percy in. Unspecified Drakon - Killed after starting a fire at. They head to the 600th floor and find the throne room empty except for Hestia, who is still tending the fire. Hestia then sends Percy and Nico to Percy's own home where they are greeted by his mother, Sally Jackson, and Paul Blofis who finally believes Percy's mother about everything that has to do with the supernatural. Korean Cover for The Last Olympian Part 1, Korean Cover for The Last Olympian Part 2. She explains that before she met Beckendorf, Luke was very kind to her. She asks if Percy has decided whether he would go with her and her family for v… After they conclude their conversation, the scene shifts. The dead are burned in their funeral shrouds that night. Beckendorf announces that it is time for them to take out the Princess Andromeda. Leneus initially refuses to help Grover, but is forced to by Percy. Percy takes on Ethan, and is able to convince him to help him fight Kronos. I can name multiple kisses (spoilers! About twenty five Camp Jupiter campers - Killed by Tarquin's undead. Before he sends Percy on his way, he states that Percy must return to Camp Half-Blood to fulfill the rest of the prophecy. Hades states that he planned to refrain from helping in the fight for Olympus and that after the Titans took over, he would strike their weakened forces. Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and Thalia quickly follow him, but Thalia is incapacitated when a statue of Hera falls on her. Unknown child of Apollo - Wrapped in a golden shroud but Percy couldn't see their face. The dream changes, and Percy sees Rachel at the beach with her parents. Hyperion Books " You must listen to me. He and Annabeth go fight the drakon despite the fact that — according to Rachel — only a child of Ares can kill it. Percy and Nico discover that Luke ran away in order to protect his mother from the monsters that are constantly hounding him. I’ve read the entire series in the space of a month. spread so thin that he'll probably never be able to form a consciousness again, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Hyperion, Flying Pigs, and the Party Ponies, Dionysus, Old Friends, Drakons, and the Spy. The two Titans talk of their plans to destroy Mount Olympus. He also sees that she is drawing in the sand in Ancient Greek. Suddenly, Percy feels Grover's presence and, uses his Empathy Link to awaken Grover out of a deep sleep. The dream changes, and Percy sees Kronos ordering Ethan and Prometheus to release the drakon. A single choice shall end his days, In the fifth and final installment of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Percy is turning 16, when it has been prophesied he'll make a choice affecting the fate of Western civilization. Yes, Percy Jackson does die in The Last Olympian, and many of his friends and enemies do as well. Because of his sacrifice, the Titan lord is defeated. Even with Rachel's prophecy bothering them, Percy and Annabeth are excited about camp for the next summer and look forward to the future. “Percy,” Apollo said, “I wouldn’t worry too much. The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap, This conclusion to the saga revolves around Percy Jackson, the son of Poseidon, as he leads his friends in a last stand to protect Mount Olympus and the rest of the world from Kronos and his army of titans and monsters. Percy later has the upper hand when he creates a small hurricane to douse Hyperion’s fiery aura. He wakes and organizes his forces for battle. Warning! She urges everyone else to go on without her. The counselors begin accusing each other of being the spy when Silena Beauregard, Beckendorf’s girlfriend, silences them by reminding them that Beckendorf has died and all they can do is sit and squabble. Octavian, who inadvertently sacrificed himself to stop Gaea and kill Jason Grace and Piper McLean. He calls Annabeth on his mom’s phone and tells her to round up the campers and head to the Empire State Building. Grover and his friends then successfully trap him inside a maple tree. The night following the meeting, Percy dreams of Rachel. The two demigods then leave. This article is written from a real world point of view. The dream shifts to Aunty Em’s Garden Gnome Emporium, the slain Medusa’s lair. They then help Percy climb on to Poseidon's throne where he is able to telepathically communicate with his father. Tyson then leads Percy to Poseidon's throne room, where he meets Poseidon's wife and godly son, Amphitrite and Triton, respectively. When she wanted to stop helping him, he threatened to blackmail her. Percy is captured and brought before Luke, who is now housing Kronos from the events of The Battle of the Labyrinth. The place is in disorder, and the sea is transformed into a huge battleground. Kronos kills Ethan after his betrayal. Soon, Percy falls asleep again. Percy wakes up and sees Nico. Annabeth continues to try calling out to Luke, and is tossed across the throne room in return. As the last of the Titan army flees, Chiron notes that they will be back, and states that they should heal their wounded. Start studying Percy Jackson and the last Olympian (spoilers). They manage to send Typhon back to Tartarus, and Kronos destroys the vision in anger. The head councilors of Ares and Apollo, Clarisse La Rue and Michael Yew respectively, are arguing. This is realized by the enemy forces a moment too late as Beckendorf had made it look like he was only about to plant the bombs when he got captured. Hysterical Woman's Husband - Turned to stone by Medusa before the woman. Nemesis didn't have a cabin and thus never claimed Ethan, so he ended up stuck in the Hermes cabin. Percy ends up having yet another dream. He silently convinces Percy to flee, but Percy refuses to leave him behind. He finds himself in his father's underwater palace, which is under attack by Oceanus. “The Last Olympian” is referred to Hestia, the goddess of hearth and family. Technically I wasn't supposed to be driving Out of anger, Clarisse single-handedly kills the drakon. The helicopter is in danger of crashing as the pilot is asleep, but Annabeth manages to get inside the cockpit and steer it safely to the ground. Percy then travels out of the Underworld and towards the Empire State Building. Percy tries to stay and help his father, but Poseidon sends him back… Percy and Annabeth decide to make their relationship official, and life in camp returns to the usual for the next two weeks. There, Rachel reveals that her father is trying to get her to go to a finishing school, Clarion Ladies Academy, that she does not want to go to. He sees Rachel with her family on vacation and feels sad that he is unable to join them. ... Percy Jackson makes the Olympians swear on the River Styx to claim their children by the age of 13, give Hades and the minor gods thrones on Olympus cabins at Camp Half-Blood, and to never make a pact of the Big Three. The dream shifts one last time to the Big House in a different era. In the vision shows Percy sees Luke and Hermes arguing. The Last Olympian. Tarquin's court - Destroyed by Meg, Lavinia, and Hazel. The two are arguing about Nico and Bianca's safety. Percy dreams as he drifts unconscious through the ocean. Percy brings her back to reality, and she gives the jar to Percy. This is the part of the book "Percy Jackson and the last Olympian" from Rick Riordan. When the two return, they find the war council in a state of chaos. Knowing what she is about to do, Percy quickly summons hippocampi to take himself, Annabeth and Nico back to camp, but it is too late — Rachel had already chosen to take the spirit of the Oracle. Hundreds of Kronos' warriors - Destroyed in the explosion of the Princess Andromeda. As his mother never claimed him, he was stuck in the Hermes' cabin, similar to what happened with many other members of this cabin. Prometheus then gives him Pandora's box, a pithos containing the Elpis, the Spirit of Hope. He quickly wakes and heads down to Central Park with some demigods. Sensing that Percy and Rachel need a moment in private, Annabeth and Grover leave the two. Annabeth and Grover return, and Percy tells them of his plan to convince Poseidon to fight for Olympus instead of his domain in the sea. Percy divides the campers into groups to guard the bridges and tunnels that the enemy may use to get to Olympus. Hades then reveals that he sent Nico and his sister to the magical hotel they were abandoned at to protect them and to keep them from aging until they left. As he realizes that he has left the Lincoln Tunnel open (even with a WWII M4 Sherman headed there), Thalia and the Hunters of Artemis appear and state that they would stand guard over that route. Original cover Beckendorf seems to be the only nice person at camp to Tyson, even though he is a Cyclops. Though he remembers that one of them is the spy, he tells all of them anyway of his plan to get Zeus to defend Mount Olympus. He confirms Percy’s fears when he tells Percy that Beckendorf did not survive, but also reassures him that Beckendorf did not die in vain and that their little expedition had bought time for the Olympians. In the Percy Jackson series book the last Olympian dose Percy die? Percy and his friend Beckendorf attempt to destroy Kronos' ship the Princess Andromeda. Through Iris-message, Chiron then shows them that the finally free Typhon has been making his way toward an unguarded Olympus, even with the gods trying to stop him. One day he met his mother Nemesis, and she promised that he would one day balance the world power, in exchange for his left eye. publisher This time, he is seen reading ". “Percy Jackson,” Hermes said, “you might just teach us a thing or two.” Another god was waiting for me on the way out of Olympus. He follows her to the clearing where the Lords of the Wild hold their meetings. The next day, Percy and Annabeth review the camp's cabins and the reports sent into the camp. And foes bear arms to the Doors of Death. cover artist release date Nico then helps Percy escape to the River Styx on Mrs. O'Leary. New cover Though the campers are initially happy that the Princess Andromeda has been destroyed, they are distraught when Percy tells them of Beckendorf’s sacrifice. Traveling into the Underworld, they soon reach the River Styx. Rick Riordan wrote this short story for World Book Day 2009. When he arrives there, Ms. O'Leary runs into the forest, causing Percy to chase after her. She then invites Percy and Nico to lunch with her. In Battle of the Labyrinth, when Percy and Annabeth are in the volcano and Annabeth thinks Percy is going to die. Percy realizes Luke was the true hero. To storm or fire, the world must fall, It is our fatal flaw. Just a little audiobook-like sound test because I've got a new mic (wanted to know how it sounds). Zeus did this for fear that the Great Prophecy will be about either Bianca or Nico. Percy Jackson and the last olympian Timeline created by Torjus. A telkhine sees them, but is killed before he sounded the alarm. Kronos remains one step ahead and Beckendorf is killed. Ethan grew up like most demigods. Probably other monsters killed by campers while the Questers are away. In the end, I can’t deny that Last Olympian is a fantastic read, a solid novel to end the series on. The Last Olympian is a novel by Rick Riordan, published on May 5, 2009. A few minutes later, Beckendorf appears. 2. They are then surprised when they see Clarisse leading her cabin into battle. He then sends Nico off and takes Percy captive. Percy introduces the readers to Beckendorf as a tall, burly, African-American boy. (though i was most upset about dobby dying) in percy's, you find out that Selina was a spy and clarise goes all total BA and kills a dracon, but iu didnt like how percy was invincible, because how the heck are either os them going to die if there's only one square inch on them that can kill them. Unnamed preacher - fell off a cliff during a police chase because he was scamming people. She is the daughter of Zeus and Beryl Grace, a beautiful actress in her prime.After Thalia's birth, Zeus left the Grace household (as is custom for gods) and Beryl became unstable, thinking that she was the best mortal because she caught the attention of the lord of the sky and leader of the gods. Suddenly, a dracanae notices the trigger on Beckendorf’s arm. The first is a picture of Luke when he was younger, and the second is a picture of Mount Olympus surrounded by lightning and figures wielding weapons. Annabeth, now seriously weakened, tries one last time to bring Luke out by reminding him of his promise to her: that they would always be a family. As Percy realizes he has been tricked, he fights against Nico but is stopped by the Furies aIt nd has his sword thrown off a cliff, leaving him defenseless. A Giant Squid - Turned into a lot of goldfish by Poseidon. However, keep in mind that monsters on this page may, will, or have already reformed from Tartarus. May 5, 2009 Though Percy almost combusts as a result of Poseidon's anger that anyone else dared to sit on his throne, Percy is successful in convincing his father to fight along with the other gods against Typhon. 8 Chapter Jan 1, 2017. It seems to be part of the canon as a whole, as it was referenced in The House of Hades and The Lost Hero. His dream takes place on Mount Othrys during a conversation between Krios and Hyperion. Percy and Nico arrive at Luke's mother's house in Westport, Connecticut and find that she is in a psychotic state. Percy escapes after defeating Hades and his minions using his new found strength. The group head back to their headquarters. Percy then activates some of the automatons scattered in New York via Plan 23 and orders them to destroy the Sow. It wraps up the loose plot threads, it has heart-wrenching moments, it has action a-plenty, and to finish the Percy Jackson series, it was a terrific novel. Attribution In the series when he later recounted t… There, he sees the Titan Hyperion along with some other monsters. As he went to confront the man, the man put him under a deep sleep. Percy Jackson learns that Kronos' forces are preparing to attack Olympus. Percy relents and they then travel together via shadow travel on Mrs. O’Leary to find Luke's mother in order to discover Luke's past. There he finds Dionysus playing Pac-Man, who explains that it was he who had brought Percy's consciousness to that place. Percy and his friend Rachel Elizabeth Dare drive to a ridge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Lastly, the gods offer Percy immortality, but Percy declines, instead asking for a different wish. Silena, knowing that she has little time, reveals herself as the spy. Dionsyus warns him not to lose Olympus, for it would be the end of Western civilization. 1 Chapter Two. Athena stood in the middle of the road with her arms crossed and a look on her face that made me think Uh-oh. Percy and Annabeth then fly on pegasi to activate Plan 23. Kronos, however, manages to incapacitate the three campers. She became a Hunter of Artemis in The Titan's Curse after being saved along with Percy, Grover, Thalia and her little brother Nico by the hunters. Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades. Ready to carry out the plan, Nico and Percy shadow travel to Central Park to reach another entrance to the Underworld. On their way to the elevator, they see Grover kneeling over a dying Leneus. Rick Riordan's major theme in "The Last Olympian" is that there are times in our lives where we have to make difficult decisions where we don't know the outcome until the choice is made.It could be good or it could be bad, its the choices we make in life that count. In good humor, Beckendorf states that the kiss might be better left a secret to Annabeth Chase to which Percy agrees. The Battle of the Labyrinth Later, Nico tells Percy that Rachel has escaped to camp. He immediately pins Nico to the floor of his cell. Barley - Killed by either Percy or Frank (reformed because, Oats - Killed by either Percy or Frank (reformed because. When they learn Kronos is on his floating stronghold, the Princess Andromeda, they sneak aboard and set explosives of Greek fire. Plus, Percy asks for the Big Three Pact to be broken, saying the pact 'didn't work'. This a list of those who died in the series, and those who are mentioned to have died before the series. She was the eldest daughter of titans Kronos and Rhea. Percy and Blackjack chase it. The two see the ship and sneak onto it. He also asks that Hades and the minor gods be respected and given a cabin for their children at camp. By doing so, he has cut himself, his vanguard, and Percy’s group (composed of himself, Annabeth, Grover, and Thalia) off from the bulk of his army and from Hades. Percy leaves the room to distract the monsters on the ship, telling Beckendorf to meet him at the air pad. As he talks with Annabeth about Luke, Percy suddenly finds himself at a party in the southern United States. Otrera - Killed by Hylla during the royal challenge again. The group falls back, but they fight nonetheless. Before he could answer, Blackjack, Percy's pegasus, lands on the hood of the car with Charles Beckendorf, a son of Hephaestus, on his back. Contents Chapter One . After Juniper and Leneus leave, Percy and Nico talk about Nico’s plan. To Percy, Athena tells him to remember the rivers and to stay away from her daughter. Uneasy because nothing is going as planned, Percy and Annabeth send the other demigods away to scout Olympus, leaving the two alone with Hermes. This a list of those who died in the series, and those who are mentioned to have died before the series. Near the end of the book, Rachel Elizabeth Dare, the new Oracle, speaks a new Great Prophecy: Seven half-bloods shall answer the call, This page contains spoilers for The Tower of Nero. Chiron asks Percy and Annabeth to retrieve the prophecy from the Oracle. It takes place between The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian. There, Percy sees what truly happened to May Castellan, who tried to take the spirit of the Oracle. The Titan duels Percy for the fun of it, and he mentions a spy in camp. See more ideas about The last olympian, Percy jackson fandom, Percy jackson. He jumps off and wills the currents to speed him away. Percy recalls earlier on the Princess Andromeda how he was unable to wound Kronos/Luke. He is then congratulated by the gods. Due to his exhaustion, Percy falls asleep and dreams of Poseidon’s undersea palace. As they near the main Olympian palace, they see Rachel holding Pandora's pithos as if in a trance. The Oracle approaches Hades and states that she had warned him this would happen. Luke tells Percy that in order to defeat Kronos, he must be slain by his own hand as Kronos would regain control if anyone else approaches him aggressively. Percy picks up Annabeth’s knife, and though he initially decides to kill Luke himself, he gives the knife to Luke. Percy almost collapses, overwhelmed by the vision. After Grover's story, Nico says that Grover had encountered Morpheus, the god of dreams, and that his presence meant that the invasion is coming sooner than it was expected. Nico tells him that he could have the same advantage. The other counselors realize this too, and sympathize with Percy. A lot of others die, but the main ones -Percy, Annabeth, Grover and Tyson stay alive The group dissipates to meet the incoming invasion forces. Chronology He brushes this aside and moves on to another matter: a spy in camp that Kronos had mentioned. Because the gods swore on the River Styx, they must oblige his wish, though some of them are uncomfortable with it. The demigods retreat when Percy realizes how much strength he has and strikes Riptide into the bridge with such force that the bridge breaks. Unknown child of Apollo - A hellhound killed him during the Battle of Manhattan. Percy turns sixteen even though he has several near-death experiences. 400 (Hardcover) 432 (Paperback)361 (reprint) Annabeth regrets showing Percy the prophecy when Percy indirectly hints that the camp’s situation is hopeless, and Annabeth angrily walks away after calling him a coward. When the two get there, Percy has a talk with Achilles before bathing in the River Styx to become nearly invincible leaving only the small of his back, opposite the naval, as his weakness. Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian - 5/18 (3/5) A few side notes, I know I said I would post this on the 14th, however due to a change in internet provider, I am posting a day earlier in case it doesn't get sorted out in time to post tomorrow, I hope that's okay with everyone. Publication Information The rest of the group make it to the throne room, and the final battle begins. Rachel kisses Percy and wishes him good luck. She goes on to explain that while all the Olympians are gone, she is the only one who remains for she is the goddess of the home. The real Clarisse soon arrives and they all recognize that the fallen one as Silena Beauregard. However, instead of becoming like May Castellan, Rachel is able to successfully become the new Oracle, and at that same day, speaks her first prophecy. It takes 100 pages to set all of the players in place, but every detail proves essential to the playing out of the grand battle between the Titans and the Olympian gods. Shall reach sixteen against all odds, Percy tries to defend Annabeth as he wrongfully thinks that Luke still has evil intentions against them, causing Kronos to repossess the body. The campers gather in a small park at the edge of the mountain and find that Morpheus has caused all the mortal residents of Manhattan to fall asleep to prevent human intervention. His body is taken away by the Fates. When old enough, he was brought to Camp Half-Blood by an unknown Satyr. 5/5 Stars. It is revealed that all the other explosives are already in place and there would be no time to escape the ship once they explode. Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Michael Yew goes missing, seemingly like he fell off the bridge. The Titan states that Olympus is destined to fall, and that the demigods should surrender. They instate Annabeth as the official architect for the redesigning of Olympus. Rachel and Percy then talk, with Rachel revealing a crucial piece of information: Percy is not the hero. The Princess Andromeda sinks August 14, 2009. Arriving there, he realizes that the campers have been pushed back to the doors of the building. Percy is awakened by Thalia, who tells him that a Titan, Prometheus, has come to negotiate. When Percy refuses, Prometheus shows him more of Luke's past. Thalia was born on December 22, 1987. Yes, in fact. Percy is moved by what he saw, but remains adamant. There, Rachel reveals that her father is trying to get her to go to a finishing school, Clarion Ladies Academy, that she does not want to go to. At that moment, Thalia comes in to tell them that Kronos’s army has reached the doors of Olympus. After they successfully do so, he retreats back to the Empire State Building. Nico insists, but instead of his mother’s ghost he is met with a vision. You have to forgive. An oath to keep with a final breath, Hestia suddenly appears, and Percy gives her the pithos as he realizes that in order to resist the temptation to give up Hope, he must leave it in the place where it survives best — in Hestia's domain: the hearth. Suddenly, Poseidon appears, and the gods strike with renewed force. Grover then falls out of a tree near Percy and Nico. Jun 13, 2016 - Explore Percy Jackson's board "The Last Olympian", followed by 6093 people on Pinterest. Before he sends Percy back, Dionysius asks Percy to keep his son Pollux safe, and Percy agrees. Percy and Nico tell her of their plan and she reluctantly gives Percy her blessing, and asks him to give her a signal if he does survive the war. Rick Riordan Percy realizes that he is in Poseidon's kingdom and is being tended to by his half-brother, Tyson. In the vision, he sees Maria di Angelo and Hades in the era of World War II. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nico then asks Percy how exactly he intends to defeat the Titans without the former’s plan before Percy comes to. There, Percy finds Nico, Leneus, one of the Council of Cloven Elders members, and Grover's girlfriend Juniper talking about Grover. As he leaves he tells Nico to stay and convince Hades to fight. Like most unclaimed demigods, Ethan got enraged by the fact he remained unrecognized and ev… When Percy and Nico arrive at Central Park, Nico tells Percy that they will need music to enter the Underworld from that entrance. Hestia provides lunch for the boys and then tells Percy that no matter what side he chooses, he must remember her because she is the last Olympian. It is the fifth and final installment in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Beckendorf takes Tyson to the camp armory and t… In his dream, Rachel looks over two photos she has recently drawn. After Leneus is reincarnated into a laurel, Grover accompanies Percy and Annabeth to plant Leneus in the gardens of Olympus. She made him blind in that eye, and he wore an eye patch over it. They award Grover the empty seat in the Council of Cloven Elders. Poseidon, Percy's father, decides that it is time for Percy to now fulfill the Great Prophecy. They then set Greek fire explosives in the engine room. Percy then proceeds to read the prophecy – which everyone now concludes to be about him – and realizes that no matter whose side he chooses to fight on, he will inevitably die. As Percy’s consciousness is brought back to New York, he suddenly sees Rachel on a helicopter. The ship explodes, and Percy blacks out, thinking only of Beckendorf. Many people die in the Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, including some minors such as Selena from Aphrodite and Beckendorf from Hephaestus. It is here that Percy is officially recognized as the camp's leader. The Last Olympian revolves around the demigod Percy Jackson as he leads his friends in a last stand to protect Mount Olympus. Nico, however, detours Percy towards the gate to Hades’s palace, and ultimately hands him over to the Furies. Luke, however, struggles to keep control. Percy then reveals that Grover Underwood has disappeared without a trace and that their Empathy Link is weakening. He explains that he was spreading the news about Pan's death and recruiting fighters when he saw a strange man walking through Central Park.
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