Inches: Millimetres: Spanner: 0.250: 1/4 AF: 0.276: 7mm: 7mm: 0.313: 5/16 AF: 0.315: 8mm: 8mm: 0.344 1.969 inches = 50mm. That's used commonly here in .AU even today for the Toe Ball nut on vehicles. Still have questions? Whitworth and SAE thread standards came into particular conflict during WWII between the US and Britain, on compatibility and repairs of military equipment. There are occasions when nothing seems to fit even on new metric and having the full range allows you to find something. In the UK we give them different names. Contact us now. Whitworth and BSF use the same sizes but just forget the markings on the spanner, also if you come across very old Whitworth stuff it will have a larger head as they downsized the heads. With the UNF/UNC system the number stamped on the wrench or socket is the dimension of the hexagonal bolt head measured across the flats (AF = Across Flats); so the wrench required for a ¼ UNC bolt is stamped 7 ⁄ 16. Replace all your spaners from 10mm-32mm, 3/8"-1 1/4" i bought 2 Knipex Multiple Slip Joint Spaners 87 41 250 for counter tightening situations £49.97 From= Wont work for under kitchen counter bolt locations check out Raptor pliers-You tube or Knipex Pliers Wrench for smaller nuts both seem like better options than adjustable spaners the raptors heads quite slim even if it is side mounted they grip like a mother i couldnt twist a bolt out of the jaws sideways really impresed rusty nuts ude probably sheer, bring out the WD 40! They are also useful for removing rounded off nuts and bolts. They will all fit each other to some extent, but not properly. The 'sizes' of Whitworth spanners refers to the diameter of the threaded stud, and not the bolt head itself: it is not an AF system. This is not based on any research but is how I was taught the difference between spanners and wrenches as a child. Likewise, a Whitworth bolt of 3/8" would be ( in AF terms ) 11/16" Hope this helps, as you can, with a bit of mental arithmetic, cross reference Whitworth and AF gear. I am looking to buy socket tool kit to do mechanical jobs. ** see notes in above table. For larger sizes, the difference is 1/8 inch. Why not dispose of hazardous material where it originated? 2.047 inches = 52mm (Some land rover hub nuts) used as substitute for 1 + 1/4 inch whitworth (actually .003 smaller). Sometimes having a range of sizes to choose from pays dividends, because it is possible to select a socket or spanner that fits better. Just started fettling a late sixties Triumph motorcycle. You left out 3/4" WW (BSW) though. The angle of the sealing surfaces is 60° for both forms. Just said to the misses I was going in the garage to fettle with my hog. All new stuff will be metric (assuming you are in the UK). Make sure you are buying the right size spanner … There were so many types of thread and spanners to fit the nuts & bolts. Spanner Size (mm) A/F: B.S.F: Whitworth: 2.362: 60---The information contained upon this page is supplied in good faith, and to the best of my knowledge is accurate. that takes me back. Whitworth is encountered very infrequently, it is the old UK standard, along with BSF (British Standard Fine). Across flats jaw size = bolt diameter * 1.5 (approximately, only the BA standard has a simple fixed relationship factor at 1.75) For the 'British' sizes, the nut/bolt size corresponds to the spanner marking (i.e. Unfortunately, this does not indicate the across flats (AF) size of the screw or nut. These grip the flats on the nut and not the corners, so one spanner can fit metric, SAE, AF, Whitworth, BSW, BSF and BA. In the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand spanner is the standard term. Thanks for share your tips i am so happy to read this you have done great job i like your way to define this blog .for more any one can see this link feel free .Stereo fitting in Manchester | Stereo fitting in BuryStereo fitting in Wigan | Stereo fitting in Bury, Instead of investing in Whitworth tools - try looking at a set of Metrinch sockets and spanners. Probably this is the best way of telling the difference, for larger thread sizes. 2.050 inches = 1 + 1/4 Whitworth or 1 + 3/8 BSF, (another common hub nut size). It really depends upon where the equipment you want to work on was made and how old it is. 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AF means 'Across Flats' and means that the spanner fits nuts and bolts with hex heads of this size, some imperial standards were produced with the spanners marked with the thread size. does a civil engineer need to pass fe exam? I remember some of the spanners were common to more than one type. Is 8 hours of sleep after studying for 12 hrs per day too much for a engineering student? Whitworth 3/8 British Standard. When you need to fix your car or truck, you obviously need a toolbox filled with an appropriate selection of spanners and wrenches. BSF fine. The two then agreed to a compromise standard, and the "Unified Thread Series" was established. To the other posters who have assumed the OP means camera lenses when he says 'tools', nope, sorry he means 'tools', spanners specifically. If you are in India, (Since this is YIA) go for Metric, which is the universal system except USA. AF (across flats) was the sizes used on the cars built in the UK when Leyland was still around. Check out here: stahlwille tool kit, Click here to find your hidden name meaning,, MM, AF, BSW, BSF Spanner Conversion Chart. !Thanks for this chart, at least some sanity can be preserved. Whitworth wrenches are needed on your old Austin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, or … AF (across flats) was the sizes used on the cars built in the UK when Leyland was still around. These are marked with the size, and no following letters. UNF Unified Fine. Two sources of electrical alternating current (AC) have voltages of 100 V and 180 V respectively.? I am not sure which one I require. The Americans, however did standardise the Unified screws to have a specific relationship between the screw diameter and head size across flats. Until then, the only standardization was what little had been done by individual people and companies, with some companies' in-house standards spreading a bit within their industries. However, I accept no responsibility for damage or injury, however caused, due to the use of this data. what the hell are you on about this has nothing to do with the topic, dic k stain. The interchangeability chart looks useful, but you really do need a set of each standard because tools vary (very slightly) in the clearance allowed by different makers (cheap tools have more clearance). A 1/2″ wrench fits a bolt with a head 1/2″ across. The most common shapes are called open-ended spanner and ring spanner.The term wrench is generally used for tools … I purchase when I get to bolt which is rouned. The main difference between UNC (Unified National Coarse Thread) and UNF (Unified National Fine Thread) is the number of thread per inch.. We have been trying to adjust a couple of components on a really old heating system and need to find out what spanners to use. Conversion is a straightforward inch to mm conversion. Whitworth is the most intelligent system as you need fewer spanners; however, the SAE system has long been the US standard, and metric the continental system since Napoleon was a boy. Go on web or to your fave tool shop and get a modest but good set of spanners, ring one end, "C" the other. Thanks. Do you know your hidden name meaning ? I've been using them for over 20 years and they are really good quality and work extremely well. Etc Etc. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I personally recommend a cheaper brand, everything set. There are two popular thread forms, British Standard Pipe Parallel (BSPP) and British Standard Pipe Tapered (BSPT). .-.-. BSW Whitworth. Metric is fairly universal nowadays on most things. a/f means across flats, bs or whitworth the dimension given on the spanner is actual thread size not nut head size ie in modern terms a 13mm spanner in a/f designation is a 13mm spanner but under whitworth way of sizing it would be called a 8mm spanner as m8 has a 13mm head The company was in the throws of changing thread forms from CEI to BSF, properly entitled ASF 'cos it was American standards they were adopting.But Triumph didn't change them all at the same time - you can only imagine the mix I've got on one bike! Great info resource for mini engine mechanics. UNC vs UNF. AF was introduced much later and refers to Across Flats and was related to UNC (universal national coarse) and UNF (universal national fine) threads in the USA A 1/2 inch Whitworth socket is … She had no idea.... men fettle 🤣. Check out the latest Automatic suv in India with price, specifications and the experts reviews. Spanner Jawsize conversion chart. You would amazing to read a similar one here- besttoolsbrand, mechanic tool set Welcome to Hand Tool Kits Store, Get the best mechanic tool set for home at affordable price. Thus a Whitworth bolt diameter of 1/2" would yield an AF spanner size of 7/8" That is one and a half times the diameter of the Whitworth bolt plus one eighth of an inch. The top tray includes hand taps and dies for Whitworth size 1/8W, 3/16W, 1/4W, 5/16W, 3/8W, 7/16W and 1/2W. In fact I have a large collection of sets and part sets dating back to Whitworth days. What is being spanned is the gap between the faces of the spanner. Also buy a cheap but non-Chinese set of deep socket spanners in that serial size.. Grant Allen 1: 24/03/2019 16:55:52: 48 forum posts 5 photos: I have just remembered you can get whitworth spanners but what is the difference between imperial and whitworth, this has the potential of creating confusion . A smaller number of threads in UNC means that it will be quicker to install and remove, however, Fine threads will allow for a finer tension … *Why British Spanners Have Dual Markings. We provide the best power hand tools brand for sale. Immigration Overseas helps you in all these spectrums. For example 7/16 Whitworth to mm size. There are actually 2 different kinds of tools that in the US are called "wrenches". This is why the marked sizes on spanners don't make sense. Carl Wilson 4: 07/10/2017 12:56:09: 671 forum posts 53 photos A wrench or spanner is a tool used to provide grip and mechanical advantage in applying torque to turn objects—usually rotary fasteners, such as nuts and bolts—or keep them from turning.. The Whitworth thread was the world's first national screw thread standard, devised and specified by Joseph Whitworth in 1841. and the spanner carried one marking either BSW or BS. Buy yourself a good set of each standard, and it will save you headaches big time. Go and buy that expensive metric set later when you have some spare cash. Before Immigration, one has to think about the laws of the respective country. you dont know how much trouble you have just saved me with this conversion chart. that fit UNF nuts 'n' bolts also fit UNC nuts 'n' bolts while they almost never fit anything Imperial. It's not a human responding it's a bot. For instance, a spanner marked 5/16” BSF will generally be marked 1/4” Whitworth as well. An old AF ring spanner that makes a really tight fit is often much better than a rather floppy Metric one. I looked for ages to find a decent conversion chart between Metric, Imperial, & Whitworth. The cheap set also gives you the option to hammer a socket onto that stripped bolt head without feeling guilty. You can get standard sets in 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" drive and you can also get impact sockets as well. Hello, how can I solve this electronic problem? Whitworth is encountered very infrequently, it is the old UK standard, along with BSF (British Standard Fine). Also, cheap tools wear or become deformed with hard use, increasing clearances. The bottom tray includes 5 die stocks to hold the dies in size 20x5, 20x7, 25x9, 30x11, 38x14, a large tap wrench, and a small tap wrench. Dave. They spam comment sections as a form of free advertising. 2.000 inches = 2 inch AF, (A fairly common hub nut size). You can find the Whitworth to metric conversion for any British size wrench. excellent advice Metrinch spanners and sockets are wonderful to have. Metric is fairly universal nowadays on most things. I have thought of the following ways to identify the difference: 1. Some metric spanners are called AF for this reason.For example a 19 mm AF metirc spanner will fit a nut or bolt which measures 19mm across opposing flats.The exceptions are BSW (whitworth… How to measure the size of British Whitworth Spanners and British Standard Wrenches and Sockets. Whitworth threads are used for most mechanical equipment in the RLH. UNC Unified Course. In the chart below you will notice there is fewer threads per inch in a coarse thread screw. Type of sockets available are AF(Accross Flat), Metric and Whitworth., Best BCA Colleges in Dehradun, Welcome to the Top BCA Colleges in Dehradun, Uttarakhand 2016, Best ranking BCA Colleges, Institutes and Courses in Dehradun section, Ranked No-1 in Dehradun BCA colleges.Tula's Institute Best Private BCA College in Dehradun, never know this, so thanks for sharing! ? Check out THE AF SPANNERS All you need to know about the AF spanners. When I place a UNC thread against a BSW thread and look with a magnifying glass, the top of the BSW threads touch the bottom of the UNC threads, and the difference in angle can be seen. Size tables AF. Later on, Whitworth was changed to B.S.W. Early Sidchrome and early Dowidat are also good. ____ / \ AF means from / \ top to bottom \ / on this diagram \____/ BA Association. you need A/F - inch series which, for example 1/2" A/F means the nut is half an inch across flats, and so is the corresponding spanner. Mike. This table can help you measure Whitworth spanner sizes. Older stuff will be imperial (AF). Will a set of modern AF spanners fit, or is it a bit harder than that? Wow! In my opinion, go for the metric. Immigration services are those services which is very essential for everyone. American tools (and European for that matter) are sized by the head of the bolt or the size of the nut. But the bolts and nuts on your vehicle won’t be removed or fastened by just any type of spanner and wrench. Great chart. AF American Fine. If you are looking for Henchman tools for daily needs . A Whitworth wrench is sized according to the diameter of the shank of the bolt, not the head. ... you will probably find either spanner will do. If you own a pre- or immediate post-WW2 British car OR Motorcycle you may have wondered why each size spanner is generally identified by two different sizes. I enjoyed reading and the information values. Spanner; 0.250 : 1/4 AF : 0.276 : 7mm : 7mm : 0.313 : 5/16 AF : 0.315 : 8mm : 8mm : 0.344 : 11/32 AF; 1/8 Wworth : 0.354 : 9mm : 9mm : 0.375 : 3/8 AF : 0.394 : 10mm : 10mm : 0.433 : 11mm : 11mm : 0.438 : 7/16 AF : 0.445 : 3/16 Wworth; 1/4 : 0.472 : 12mm : 12mm : 0.500 : 1/2 AF : 0.512 : 13mm : 0.525 : 1/4 Wworth; 5/16 BSF : 0.551 : 14mm : 0.563 : 9/16 AF : 0.591 : 15mm : 0.600 : … this is Amazing! However any motor mechanic should know that Whitworth threads were introduced in the 1800s and are refered to as BSW for British Standard Whitworth. Hello, can someone solve this problem for me, how would the solution be. Not only this, it includes various things like; cost of living, process of settlement, job opportunities etc. George a 1/2" W spanner fits a Whitworth bolt with a shank/thread diameter of 1/2"). Nah, having owned at least one T160 continuously since 1977, and the "'69" (a T100) since the mid-1980's, I know the difference between UNC and Whitworth - if nothing else, the AF spanners (ok? ) Hence the dual marking of the spanner. Whitworth is encountered very infrequently, it is the old UK standard, along with BSF (British Standard Fine). [British Standard Whitworth] and the nut size was the same as BSF for the same diameter bolt. BSP Pipe. On my multimeter what does 20K represent in testing what Volts Ac ? I have a mixed bag that are mainly Sidchrome and Minimax (a reasonable Japanese brand no longer around), with a few others that I have come by over the years. The size of the bolt head also increases proportionally., This is a fantastic blog. A finer thread was introduced and called British Standard Fine (BSF). Most imperial sockets & spanners are measured AF, across flats. It really depends upon where the equipment you want to work on was made and how old it is. Blimey! German-made DIN standard tools are excellent - you don't necessarily have to go to Snap-on or Stahlwille which are aircraft standard, but they are nice to use. Whitworth's new standard specified a 55° thread angle and a thread depth of … It all depends what you plan to do. Also referred to as Whitworth threads, the BSP thread type fittings seal using metal to metal angled surfaces or a combination of metal to metal and an O-ring. CLICK HERE FOR A WALL CHART OF FASTENER HEX SIZES. Get your answers by asking now. Are employees in an office allowed to work on certain electrical systems such as wires and fuse boxes even if they have experience? For each tap size you get a taper tap, 2nd tap and plug tap. Whitworth set out the thread angle and pitch of a bolt, which increases in a ratio the larger the bolt becomes.

what is the difference between af and whitworth spanners

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