The Seed Potato specialists - directly from UK growers. Whether you own a restaurant, a catering business or a chip truck we have the right product for you. Bennett Seed Exports Ltd are one of the leading seed exporters in Scotland and have been involved in exports for over 30 years. When buying potato seeds, we recommend choosing whole seed potatoes that are certified. This is why we only have Blue Tag Certified Seed Potatoes. PAN EUROPEAN POTATO ENTERPRISE, LTD Experience in certified PBR potato seeds Elders has provided Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) potatoes to the Australian potato industry for many years. Click here to learn how to care for your seed potatoes: Care sheet – Seed Potatoes. Just plant one eye per hill. We have Adirondack Blue, Austrian Crescent, German Butterball, Irish Cobbler, Kennebec, Onaway, Red La Soda, Red Norland and more. In Maine, seed potato growers are allowed to replant for six years before they need to start again with disease-free stock. Identify three different sites in your garden for the "tater patch" in order to rotate potatoes over a three-year period. JBA Seed Potatoes are Scotlands best known brand of horticultural seed potatoes and are the only seed potato producers to ever win a Gold medal award for their potato varieties at Gardening Scotland. Not all products are in-stock at all times. Potatoes - Potato Pre-Orders will open in Mid July, if you would like a heads-up please join our mailing list.Heirloom Potatoes Lady Rosetta 400gr, Valor Seed Potatoes 2,5 … Johnny's sells Maine Certified Seed Potatoes. each season to more than 17 countries. Since its commercial release in 2007 Gemson has gone from strength to strength in the expanding baby potato sector. Find Potato Suppliers near United Kingdom, with business contact details, opening hours and reviews. We apologize in advance if this occurs. Masses of choice and not enough room to grow them all! Schmidt Potato is a family farm that has been growing certified seed potatoes for over 100 years. Late March or April shipping options. It's a very good cooking potato and an excellent keeper. HELLO! As one of the UK’s leading growers, suppliers and distributors of seed potatoes we pride ourselves on high levels of professionalism, service and above all quality. Several varieties available. Make sure you tick the varieties you would like to grow and we will send you a notification when they come in from the field. Here at Grampian Growers we are seed potato specialists. At Grampian Growers, we are actively involved in the breeding new varieties. One of the great joys of mid-winter is sitting down with the seed catalogues and deciding what to buy. SEED POTATO EXPORTERS. All top grade and UK grown from ‘Safe Haven’ stocks which are certified as disease and virus free. Fast Shipping, great prices, better service. We are continually harvesting our certified seed potatoes, ready to send out to help you grow your own chemical free spuds at home. From our Maine farm we grow and sell many popular Organic Seed potatoes such as Yukon Gold, Caribe’, Reddale, and Adirondack Blue. Kennebec is a big, smooth, white potato with shallow eyes. Buy seed potatoes. Importers of Majorcan, Spanish (Chipping) and Portuguese potatoes. We strive to keep all online pricing as accurate as possible. Assume that you get on average 4 potato seeds per pound of potatoes. We also grow many other great Organic Seed Potato varieties, some you may not have heard of! To avoid certain potato diseases, this crop needs to be moved around in the garden. We also deliver to grocery stores and wholesale companies. Seed Potatoes. Chieftain, Warba & Yukon Gold Certified Seed Potatoes, Gourmet Fingerling Certified Seed Potatoes, Red Pontiac, Russet Burbank & Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes, Error. | Over 16.000 Mts. Everyone loves potatoes! Potato Products Grand Teton Organic Seed Potatoes continues to provide the highest quality of naturally grown seed potatoes on the market, in order to give you the best yields. Nowhere will you find higher quality Organic Certified Seed potatoes for planting in fields or gardens. 50# Seed Potato Bags. At Dutch Valley Growers, we care about the quality of the seed we provide. Not only is it very easy to do so, nothing beats the fresh, home grown flavour. We grow only certified seed that is inspected by the Minnesota Department of Ag. Potato Seed Production (PSP), one of the largest producers of potato mini-tubers in South Africa, has been providing high-quality potato seeds since 1971. At Grampian Growers we work with professional seed potato producers , coupled with constant investment in our own grading and storage facilities and full traceability on all seed lots means Grampian Growers are able to consistently supply the highest quality seed potatoes to suit your business requirements. We pack bags of all sizes for our customer’s.Seed potatoes for sale on ou Potato (100g): Energy 345kJ (75kcal), Fat <0.5g, Saturates <0.1g, Carbohydrate 17.5g, Total Sugars 0.8g, Starch 16.7g, Fibre 1.6g, Protein 1.8g, Salt <0.01g. Use seed potatoes to get your garden going quickly. When a discrepancy exists, the in-store price will be deemed to be correct. 100% Organic, non-GMO Vegetable, Herb and Flower Seeds for your garden. If you plant a seed potato, plant with the eye facing up in a trench dug 4 inches deep. Showing all 33 results. Welcome to the Potato House Shop, the Home of quality Seed Potatoes We have almost 80 varieties to cater for the needs of the discerning gardener and allotmenteer! Below is the list of seed potatoes we stock from our growers. Discounts apply when you buy only 5 packs of any combination of 6 Tuber nets and 1Kg These potatoes have passed the Idaho State seed certification program. UK Seed Suppliers, Seed Merchants Information. NO CUTTING REQUIRED. We are excited to offer you a ride range of seed potatoes. Seed potatoes for sale at great prices. If you're wondering where to buy seed potatoes for fall planting, browse our 14 different potato seed varieties. New varieties of seeds, old favourite seeds. You’ll find your potatoes will grow faster if they have started chitting before you plant them. Potatoes cannot be shipped to Idaho. Buying organic potato seeds is important not only for the health of you and your family with the guarantee that the seeds are NOT treated with fungicides, but also because it encourages seed farmers to stop using toxic chemicals! These are top quality CERTIFIED SEED POTATO eyes. Fibre content of a potato including skin is equivalent to that of many wholegrain pastas and breads and is a source of vitamins B1 and B6. 1kg of potato seed can produce up to 20kg of potatoes in ideal conditions! Search for leading suppliers and wholesalers near you on Yell. SEED POTATO WINTER COLLECTION 1 Pack of 3 $ 23.70 $ 20.00 Sold/Out of Season; Sale! When choosing potato varieties, consider whether they are early, main or late season. A top quality seed potato will look firm and feel springy rather than soft and soggy. square and with one to two eyes, or buds. The growing and packing of seed potatoes is carried out on farms within the area of the Canterbury Plains. Privacy Policy ! Our dedicated field and sales team are on hand to discuss the needs of individual companies be that large scale supply of our variety Gemson to small quantities of niche varieties and everything in between. Seed Potatoes. JBA Seed Potatoes are known for their quality as we are the only company to offer “double dressed seed potatoes” which means they are inspected twice by our staff to the best possible standard. Bulk Non-GMO Potato Seeds. Here at Grampian Growers we are seed potato specialists. If you are needing a variety not listed below contact us because more than likely we can get it for you. If you are making a special trip to see us, please confirm availability in advance by calling 604.882.1201 during business hours. Thompson Potato Farm currently grows white, yellow and Russet potatoes. Seed potatoes are also grown for markets in the South Pacific and Thailand. It’s so rewarding growing your own. Select from our comprehensive range of more than 60 Safe Haven Certified seed potato varieties, including heritage and organic, plus garlic, shallots and onions, confident in the knowledge that you will receive the very best quality seed potatoes sourced directly from accredited British growers. Plant now, or store in a cool, dry place until you are ready to plant. They'll keep for weeks. Growing instructions included with order. Everyone loves potatoes! Our website is NOT a real time inventory. Owing to the Mellet family's passion for perfection and an ideally located farm near Lydenburg (Mashishing), PSP is able to uphold their high standard of superior potato seed production year after year. Many seed merchants now offer online shopping or at least will send a catalogue to you. Usually available from mid-February through April. TABLE POTATO EXPORTERS. Availability is subject to change without prior notice. Submit your own review for the local Potato Suppliers. Certified Seed Potatoes. Find here details of companies selling Seed Potatoes, for your purchase requirements. Complaints Policy. NOTE: If ordered with fall garlic, potatoes will ship separately in the Spring. Suppliers; FAQ; Contact; Return to Content. Alex McDonald is committed to maintaining long-term and continuing relationships with all New Zealand potato growers whether they are fresh market, crisping or french-fry producers. The process of seed potato certification involves field inspections throughout the growing season, to check for disease and to ensure that varieties are true to type, as well as a winter grow-out of the seed, to screen for disease contamination. As one of the UK’s leading growers, suppliers and distributors of seed potatoes we pride ourselves on high levels of professionalism, service and above all quality. Order online !! For a 8 foot row, you will need 10 lbs; for a 25 foot row, 20 lbs; for a 50 foot row and for a 100 foot row, 40 lbs. Seed potatoes are one of mankind’s staple crops and seed is available to the consumer which is disease resistant and offers prolific production. Welcome to the fifteenth annual seed catalog from The Maine Potato Lady,™ your source for quality seed potatoes. All certified seed potatoes start as disease-free clones and are sold to seed growers as minitubers. Feel free to browse our lineup of over 50 different varieties knowing that you are buying the … Please enter a valid email address, Certified Seed Potato Kit Banana French Fingerling and Russian Blue, Certified Seed Potato Kit Red Pontiac Russet Burbank and Yukon Gold 1.5kg, Certified Seed Potatoes Bintje Norland and Warba 1.5kg, Certified Seed Potatoes Chieftain Gem Russet and Yukon Gold 1.5kg, Purple Magic Earth Apples Seed Potatoes 1kg, 8940 192nd Street, Surrey, BC, Canada, V4N 3W8. However, occasional discrepancies can occur and prices may be subject to change without prior notice. Usually available from mid-February through April. Buy online and plant some seed potatoes from our choices that including White Kennebec Seed Potatoes, Red Pontiac Seed Potatoes, Yukon Gold Seed Potatoes, Purple Majesty Seed Potatoes, and Banana Fingerling. Certified Seed Potatoes. We are arguably the leaders in supply of PBR potato varieties in Australia, so when buying from our Elders experts, you can be assured you are buying the best certified PBR potato seeds available. Several varieties available. If you love new potatoes during the summer, consider an early variety. One to two days before planting, cut larger potatoes into smaller "seeds," each piece 1½ to 2 in. Waxy, Floury and All rounder. IMPORTS. We have access to a huge variety of seed potatoes - view our full catalogue here. Bulk Seed Potatoes. Use seed potatoes to get your garden going quickly. They have just the right amount of flesh to insure fast sprouting. It’s the start of potato season at Diggers. Whatever your seed potato requirements Grampian Growers are here to help. Our northern grown seed potatoes are firm and beautiful. Over the years, we have so enjoyed sharing with you the many varieties of potatoes, heirlooms, and new releases that we have grown and eaten. CERTIFIED SEED POTATO AUTUMN COLLECTION 2 Pack of 3 $ 23.70 $ 20.00 Sold/Out of Season; Sale! 2020 Seed Potato Varieties. Get latest info on Seed Potatoes, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Seed … Main exporter to Canary Island, Spain and other markets – Over 30000 tonnes in 2009/2010.

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