A period of deficit can be useful, especially if some reserves were prepared. Of all the pressing foreign policy issues on President-elect Joe Biden's plate, relations with Saudi Arabia will not be top of the pile. Does this make sense to anyone? I mentioned that and said I don't know offhand if the Koran's Allah has anything like the same reputation for that as Yahweh. Saudi Arabia says it should be a part of any potential negotiations between the incoming U.S. administration and Iran on a new nuclear deal, Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan Al … Doing so will get one sent back for additional training. Nowadays there are ca 34 million saudis. The 2020 wheat crop, harvested in May, is estimated at about 500 000 tonnes. In addition their rulers were fleecing the people. 45_-$114.39__-$98.289__-$82.193__-$66.0965__-$50____-$33.9035 But local tribes in the al Mahrah are against the occupation and they have recently taken up arms against the Saudi army. By. The pandemic also cut the second largest Saudi revenue stream which comes from the 20 million tourists per year who travel to Mecca and Medina. In 3-6 months the virus will be abating, shale own pared down to some degree and prices will rebound. Of course you don't know about the gospel of Marcion - it is not Canon. Mohammed bin Salman's escapades do not solve any of the many problems his country has. Their cousins in Occupied Palestine all non-tribal members are considered...goyim: Nov. 21, 2020 BEIRUT, Lebanon — For Saudi Arabia, hosting the Group of 20 summit in Riyadh this year was supposed to cement its global stature. you don't need to get cirucumcised if you don't want to). If oil prices fall, weapon sales fall and the Prince is deposed creating a bankrupt destabilized SA, could we see the fall of the oil based dollar? Recently the Saudis asked the Trump administration to intervene at the UN to stop all aid to Houthi held areas. It will almost certainly hit US, France and the UK military export sales to the ME in particular pretty hard. There are  surely many others in the very large royal family who will be willing to make a move against him. Not sure what good glasses would do since his eyes are shut! This will cut into SA's profits, and thus into MbS's personal fortune, but it goes deeper than that. I'm sure not holding my breath expecting March Madness in the US to be cancelled. There is a lot of bank and pension fund exposure in the U.S. to what is now soon-to-be non-performing fracking debt. ", "Over and out" would mean "I have completed my transmission and I am waiting for your reply and I am not waiting for a reply.". P.S. Saudi Arabia issues guidelines for travellers from Pakistan, other countries . Follow @arabnews. 1. - With oil at ~ $ 21 to $ 22 means that MbS and his government are in deep, deep trouble. That's where the constitutional amendments come from. The result was a bunch of money thrown around on Saudi Arabia 2.0 or whatever management consultant bullshit term was coined - which clearly failed miserably. Rights groups consider the prosecution a sham. The move comes at a time where Saudi Arabia is under financial pressure. Oil price__Budget situation In foreign banks. Depending on the source of the information Google’s market share ranges from 95-97% . Saudi Arabia has reinforced its concrete-filled security barrier along sections of the now fully demarcated border with Yemen to stem illegal cross-border activities; Kuwait and Saudi Arabia continue discussions on a maritime boundary with Iran; Saudi Arabia claims Egyptian-administered islands of Tiran and Sanafir, Refugees and internally displaced persons: The vast majority of these expatriates have fled their own poverty-stricken … current situation: This OPEC deal is another ball in play. Posted by: chet380 | Mar 7 2020 19:57 utc | 1. I highlighted a few points from the article above. There's also the cultural factor: most (if not all) of the Russian ruling class today is actually Soviet. 1) Saudi Arabia sold bonds not too long ago - first item evah. and comparing the Netherlands with out there isn't on, can't see them putting up with much local opposition . Virtually no debt and self sufficient. Wouldn't a third explanation which Raialyoum.com has not considered for the Klown Prince's arrest of his relatives is that they refused to cough up millions (or tens of millions, or hundreds of millions) from their bank accounts? Posted by: Joe | Mar 8 2020 15:06 utc | 76, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/08/saudi-arabia-releases-images-king-salman-amid-purge-royals Posted by: Russ | Mar 8 2020 5:35 utc | 48. Even though I do not think it is a particularly bad 'flu', the hype surrounding it will do the job anyway. Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 7 2020 23:27 utc | 28, Posted by: Stonebird | Mar 7 2020 21:06 utc | 13. A plague hit his force killing a good portion of them. And what will happen to vultures? Posted by: vk | Mar 8 2020 14:16 utc | 72, Posted by: Miss Lacy | Mar 8 2020 13:57 utc | 72, Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 8 2020 14:33 utc | 73. It seems to me, if I put myself in the shoes of a theodicy-monotheism believer, that those are more like regular accidents than a plague which is more like the wrath of God. Although both Iran & Venezuela have been unjustly sanctioned outta the global oil market, it is a dead-set certainty that if opec attempt to keep Iran & Venezuela down while they rort an illegal (under WTA rules) monopoly to force prices up, that both Iran & Venezuala will drop their prices below us production cost to grab as much share as poss. The 1st national census was done also at that time btw. This is where the only thing they are selling from now is Russophobia. refugees (country of origin): The change of government. They were born and raised in the USSR, not in Yeltsin's Russian Federation. Zerohedge has somewhat hyper article on this issue but will not link here to keep the discussion on track. Posted by: ARN | Mar 8 2020 13:48 utc | 71. True that would not end the dollar as THC reserve currency but probably would bring in the beginning of an era of a basket of currencies, the dollar being just one among many. Once Boris Abramovich Berezovsky had his money in London he was hooked and dependent on the Anglo-Zionist Mafia. … Perhaps what I really meant was that if I said "out" over the radio to someone higher rank than me, under any circumstances, I would hear about it quite quickly. Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 8 2020 16:05 utc | 79, Lurk@75 - "An 84-year old reading casually without reading glasses? Russia will back that play to the hilt - the petrodollar can no longer work in an iron lung. Hardly the sign of a strong, cash rich country. etc.. ksa is a blight on the planet.. kashoggi whispered that in my ear, and i agree with him.. Posted by: james | Mar 7 2020 20:10 utc | 3, Yes b that's a major shift not so suprising from someone who very well remember how the Saouds did gave a helpng hand (or two) in bringing the collapse of URSS, https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/russia-just-told-world-no, Posted by: Charles Michael | Mar 7 2020 20:27 utc | 4. I'm not surprised that Putin is prepared to use the price of oil to damage the already weakened US and Saudi economies. On 9 June 2020, Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Zakat and Tax (GAZT) published on its website the Request for Mutual Agreement Procedure – Taxpayer guidance (MAP Guidance) in both Arabic and English.   a) They assign increasing rank number, alphabetically for countries with the same value of the ranked item, whereas we assign them the same rank. But that was based on an estimated crude oil price of $62-63 per barrel, and assumed a crude production at around 9.8 million barrels per day. 4 million foreigners, if I remember correctly. (2020) 'Housing problems in Saudi Arabia: Challenges facing sustainable housing in the region'. In other words, unlike Russia, Saudi Arabia is quite unprepared for low oil prices. At the same time, if you sin (even if that sin might have been fixed in your fate before you were born) you're still held responsible and must be punished. Arab News . Assuming it is something like true, it indicates Putin thinks he is finally ready to go after the Money Power, the thing that FDR failed to do before they got him - perhaps because he was one of them, perhaps because like the recent set of stooges inflicted on us, they were not able to do anything, because Congress. The government's 2020 budget was predicted to have a $50 billion deficit or 6.4% of the Saudi GDP. It wants to build an oil pipeline to Yemen's coast that would allow Saudi oil exports to avoid the trip through the narrow Hormuz Straits. More related papers Urban Economics: The Urbanization Process and its Effects; Urbanization in Mexico; Urbanization and the Environment; Urbanization and Environment; Urbanization Advantages and Disadvantages; Baseball and urbanization; History of … Justice and mercy is desired more than fake religious observance. October 11, 2017 03:00. In continuation to the Government of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s efforts to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the activities of the private sector as well as on the overall economy, GAZT has announced a timeline extension regarding the tax amnesty on August 9, 2020. In the context, Saudi Arabia is now among the nations with the highest obesity and overweight prevalence rates due to a number of factors. The Middle East is certainly going have more and more "unrest" in this next few years, if not already this year. 0. Posted by: JohninMK | Mar 8 2020 11:04 utc | 60, There is an excellent report @ Zerohedge *Saudi Arabia Starts All-Out Oil War: MbS Destroys OPEC By Flooding Market, Slashing Oil Prices* explaining the fundamental political/economic dynamics regarding the current Clown Prince's strategy, and their potential consequences. it will end up in the hands of Exxon, Chevron and perhaps Occidental. TV DECLINE. Rumors from the oil patch, i.e. That's abusive... Posted by: PavewayIV | Mar 8 2020 20:46 utc | 80. VK 28 Change of government and change of constitution. frances@18 Government by Grift has consequences. Saudi Arabia is hosting the G20 summit, but for many the spotlight is on these three issues. @15 couple of covid cases at the AIPAC conference. Rotate. "An annual pilgrimage in which stampedes are possible due to overcrowding....is hardly an institution that is protected by God.". (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ Although if I were an omnipotent God with a moral criterion and deemed it time to smite the worst sinners, I'd certainly perceive some more worthy recipients than Hajj pilgrims. Posted by: SteveK9 | Mar 7 2020 23:33 utc | 29, Posted by: Anarchaos | Mar 7 2020 23:44 utc | 30. KSA had an estimated population of 32.6 million in 2018, which is expected to double, reaching 77.2 million by 2050, growing at 2.65 per cent per annum. Lyrics are important, so this is a version for those who do not know Latin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQEfxhvAy0c, Posted by: Piotr Berman | Mar 8 2020 3:36 utc | 41. Speaking in the third part of “20 Questions for Putin,” the president said the following. Even if pilgrims arrive in Mecca, they will not be welcome if they try to go home afterwards. US vs Iran: Saudi Arabia issues strong warning. What is most interesting thing one must pay attention when understanding Christianism is the historical landscape it was born: the Pax Romana. @ Posted by: Blue Dotterel | Mar 8 2020 6:06 utc | 53 with the slight digression about Abrahamic religions and relationship with rulers in the West. - It's a pity one Osama Bin Laden isn't alive anymore. And all it took to push a correction into a full-scale panic was the Russians saying, “No.”. Luongo has a new piece up about Putin telling MbS to go fuck himself: And I will add Craig Murray's take on COVID19 which is pretty much mine too, we are all going to die, freaking out will not improve your outcome: Posted by: Bemildred | Mar 8 2020 12:08 utc | 65. lgfocus@46. This years Hajj, for which 2 million pilgrims were expected, is at the end of July. Given volatility of internal situation in KSA and around (Yemen, Iran), and highly flammable nature of the product, one can expect some explosions. According to the updated IMF forecasts from 14th April 2020, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19, GDP growth is expected to fall to -2.3% in 2020 and pick up to 2.9% in 2021, subject to the post-pandemic global economic recovery. What are they? As his internal shakedowns continue yielding less and less and since he cannot print money out of thin air as the US Federal Reserve does, there will be changes. It reminds me a comment in on-line newspaper about the item that Ukraine hired Balcerowicz, architect of "shock therapy" during Polish transition to capitalism.

problems in saudi arabia 2020

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